Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have I told you lately...

how much I love Elmo? My kids can be consumed by Elmo all day if PBS would air it all day. What is it about that little red furry guy? He totally beats the pants off all the other little creatures on Sesame. I was always a Snuffy fan when I was a kid but how come he can be seen by everyone now? Wasn't he an imaginary friend to Big Bird? I'm confused by that. Did Snuffy "come out" somewhere along the way?

When I was pregnant with Little Dude my twins were 16 to 25 months old. EVERY day we would watch Elmo. EVERY day I would fall asleep as soon as he came on and I'd wake up somewhere in the middle of Mr. Rogers. His neighborhood could never keep my duo entertained so I guess their stirring would wake me up. Looking back, I can't believe that I'd fall asleep with 2 tiny people wandering around but Elmo is like a drug...better than any Ambien on the market.

What will I do when they outgrow Elmo? Already they'd rather watch Transformers or something masculine like that. I continue to steer them toward Elmo. I want to keep them young and innocent for as long as possible. Somehow, I see their babyhood fading on a daily basis. There's something mournful about that but then again, I love their independence. I love that I rarely have to wipe a bottom anymore. Gotta look at the brightside because time is not stopping and the little people are growing up!


  1. Spongebob has a universal appeal...and if you actually watch an episode, it isn't as bad as a quick take impression of the show.

    Little people growing up is a great thing, it just is really hard when they're your little people in question. :)

  2. Spongebob is hilarious. It doesn't have the soothing effect of Elmo, though. Mine get really mesmerized by Backyardigans now, and they also went through a stage of intense Wonder Pets love.

    When I was pregnant with the twins, I would be in and out of sleep all day. It was horrible. Here I am with a 2-year-old for 9 hours a day, and I'm dozing off and she's entertaining herself. Poor A. Anyway, you're not the only one asleep at the wheel when it comes to parenting while pregnant!