Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus Eight

I have to write about this. I'm not a big fan of the show. I never have been. The very first special on them (or maybe the second) burned me. She was getting a tummy tuck (for FREE!!!...a dream of any mom who is finished having children...or at least a dream of THIS mom!) and she has the gall to ask for a free breast lift too. Seriously? Thankfully the doctor had the sense to say no.

Since then, I've rarely watched the show but when I do, it's only for 5-10 minutes at a time. I realize I only have twins and a singleton but please! I really have a hard time feeling sorry for Kate. They make 75,000 and episode and they are surrounded with PAID help all the time. And I'm supposed to believe that this is reality with 8 kids.

I totally feel for people who have problems with infertility. Besides a terminal illness, I can't imagine a more desperate struggle. I do have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who "accidentally" has more than 3 or 4 kids. How does that happen? Where are the doctors in scenarios like this one or in the case of the octomom. As a society, maybe we have learned our lesson regarding reality shows and multiples. Could it be that we as watchers of the highest rated show on TLC have driven this couple to the place they are in right now?

I was surprised to hear that more people watched the season premiere of J&K plus 8 than watched the season finale of Lost. That's saying something. I was even more shocked to see that Bill O'Reilly was covering the J&K story on the O'Reilly Factor last night (not that I watch FIL was in town, remember?) We are seriously obsessed with the train that is wrecking in front of our eyes. I'm the first to criticize their choices but instead, this couple needs prayer. Imagine what this whole thing is doing to those 8 children. It's really sad. I commit to start praying for this couple, that they find their way back to each other and start making wise choices in light of their beautiful children.


  1. I did watch (part of) J & K, and I've never seen an episode of Lost, so I guess that makes me part of that statistic.

    I do think that it is interesting to see how fast they went from being on top of the world (enjoying a second marriage ceremony in Hawaii) to this. My own marriage has had ups, downs, and in betweens...but, I never realized that things can happen that quickly. I find it a little scary.

  2. Great points KP and great reminder to PRAY for marriages of people in the spotlight and those right under our own noses!