Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Friends

My daughter (GWT) finally had her playdate with her new soccer friend today. It was planned for last week but unfortunately GWT came down with a nasty cold. It was the kind where I still would have sent her to school but felt guilty sending her to a house to pass it on to an entire family. Colds are weird like that. It's so hard to know whether to send a kid to school or not when they have a cold.
I digress.

I knew today would be difficult. As excited as GWT was about this new friend and her new playdate (she's never really done one before since we always play in groups with moms present...everyone I know has multiples) her brother was just as bummed that he didn't have a playdate himself. Being inexperienced at separating my twins (b/c seriously, why would I? Just to make life complicated I guess) I didn't know enough to plan a playdate for my son. I figured his little brother would be enough of a playfriend. WRONG!

We headed to our favorite park, stopping at Wendy's first for a little lunch. This didn't suffice initially. I called everyone we know, no one being able to play on such short notice. So we went to the park. Generally when I'm out with my 3, they are so entertained with each other that I can make phone calls or read a book. Today I knew would be different. BWT was so bummed that his sister was on a playdate that I made a conscious decision to...drumroll with my kids! Yep, we played dinosaur chase (is that a real game? BWT taught it to me but he seemed to be making it up) at the park, we all swang (swang? Is it no longer swing, swang, swung?) on the tire swing (yes, me too!) and I pushed them both on the swings for what seemed like EVER.

Now this may seem like commonplace to most good moms. I've been so spoiled with having twins first (in some ways...although having twins is the hardest thing I've ever done in most ways...don't get me wrong) because they have so much fun together and have a constant playmate. They don't ever ask me to play superheroes or ponies with them. Instead, they play superhero ponies. Whatever that is. It's the beauty of twins I guess. Age 5 is where the gender thing is starting to take it's toll. Soon and very soon they will have their own set of friends, playdates and birthday parties. It's going to get very complicated.

And then there is Little Dude who will totally get left out of the loop. He has yet to find a friend of his own and he is 3 years old. That's next on my to do list...find a friend for Little Dude.

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