Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moral Dilemma Solved

I went. It was worth it, I guess. There were so many people there though and we have a big family so I don't know if it made any difference but it was good to be with my extended family.

On the bright side, I did make an IKEA stop (fastest stop EVER...should go in Guiness Book!) and got some major organizational tools for the kids's rooms. Ikea is so good for that kind of stuff. I even went through the store backward (in heels and funeral attire) which is a big no-no in Ikea world. You know how they have those yellow arrows that you have to follow. I went through the check outs and up the stairs to the kids' section. I found those mesh toy hangers that can hold up to 8 bazillion stuffed animals and such. My daughter has somehow collection a million dollars worth of doggies, kitties and bunnies. They are all going in the mesh toy hangars. I also got her one of those touille canopies that hang from the ceiling. Her room is starting to finally look decorated after 18 months in our house. Still a lot to do though. I might post pics soon.

Thanks for the advice on the funeral, blog friends.

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