Sunday, January 17, 2010

Deals and Schpeals

Over the past year I've become addicted to deals.  I just can't tear myself away.  I fully realize that if I paid myself per hour for the work I do to find these deals, I'm really not making anything.  Since no one is offering to pay me for work (and I'm not actively looking for any) why not use some of my time to find some deals.

Last week I used 1 hour (of my precious 3 hours a week alone) shopping for running shoes at DSW.  I found a pair of Saucony that I really liked.

 They were on sale for $44.95.  I was quite happy with the price but I was challenged to do better.  Instead of satisfying my "right now" needs, I went home and got online.  I found the shoes for the same price at .  I then went to and found 3 codes that gave me  1.  $10 off a pair of athletic shoes  2.  $5 off a purchase and 3.  free shipping (saving me $7.95 if I spent $35).  Unfortunately after all my coupons via retailmenot, I was below the $35 threshold.  This meant I had to buy another pair of shoes.  Oh the horror.

I found a pair of cute flats (usually I hate flats since I'm just a tad under 5 foot 4) and sorry, I can't find a picture of them online anymore.  These shoes were cute though and perfect for Spring.  So, they were $19.99.  Subtracting the amount I was already having to pay for shipping, the cost was really only 12.  Then, I went to ebates.  This site gives a percentage cash back for each purchase.  In the case of DSW, I was getting 6% of my purchase back.  Go Here to check out Ebates.

Long story short, I spent around $49 when all is said and done...for 2 pairs of shoes.  That is basically the amount I would have spent if I would have followed my "right now" instincts and bought the shoes in the store.  If you need new shoes (like me...I really need to revamp this wardrobe a little, just as my daughter said!) then check out the above system.  I love a deal!

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