Friday, January 22, 2010

To Be ...offended...or Not To Be

That is the question.  Okay, this didn't happen to me but it was mentioned at my twin club meeting last night and found it quite humorous.  MLK weekend was the annual twin club pool party.  This year they had it at one of those huge indoor waterparks.  From what I hear, it was the place to be last weekend because they actually had to close it to the public after 10AM because the park had reached capacity.

Besides being the busiest weekend in their history, The SuperNanny just happened to be doing auditions in the metro area AT the hotel connected to the water park.  I guess they didn't do the best PR job because representatives from the show had to scan the waterpark crowd to find families willing to audition.

The club family event chair made this announcement at our meeting:  "For those of you who were approached by ABC representatives, please don't be offended if you were asked to audition for the SuperNanny.  Apparently they didn't have a very good audition turnout."

I might CRY if I was approached for that show...or maybe I would just choose to think, "Wow, I must look REALLY good in a bathing suit!"

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  1. I think this is really very funny...and...I would totally have thrown myself at her and begged for help.