Friday, January 22, 2010

Had to Post This...

I'm always looking for a working definition of the "good mom".  The definitions that float around in my head usually involve moms who are willing to do activities that go above and beyond the call of duty...going where no mom has gone before.

Take Jen at Diagnosis Urine

I read this post and just looking at the pictures created hives up and down my body.  Do you see all of those little beans?  I can't even count the ways that this scenario would go WRONG in my home.  Beans Beans Everywhere.

I know a girl who had to be taken to the emergency room because she got a small object stuck in's the appropriate word here.  In her you know what.  Yep, some brave medical resident had to dig that thing out of her inner workings...and she was 6.  Ick.

Anyway, Kudos to Jen for going above and beyond.  I'm inspired...but very scared to follow in her footsteps.


  1. Ha! You are too kind. But I can do the bean thing only because my boys are now out of the stage where they throw handfuls of beans... and none of mine have ever stuck an object in their ear/nose. And objects stuck in other places have come out. Sigh.

    I remember the year Moon Sand was a big thing. We got it for P for Christmas, and while I was nursing H the boys threw it ALL OVER the dining room. Everywhere. It was on the curtains, on top of window ledges, between floorboards...

    It's just a place in time. This is a moment in time when I can do beans. It is probably fleeting.

  2. I myself like the edible know, the honey/flour/peanut butter kind...that way the dogs clean up after craft time. I heart them.

  3. Oh yea, that Moon Sand. I remember buying that when i was high on something and when I came to my senses I returned it before my tribe could get their hands on it. Oh...bad stuff.