Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday Woes

As fellow moms, you know what a pain it is to plan a birthday party.  Well, add boy/girl twins to that birthday party and it makes the task virtually impossible.

We're planning the festivities at our local athletic club.  For a fee (which is in no way nominal) they provide 1 hour with your choice of ONE of the following: gym games/pool party/rock climbing.  They also provide 1 hour for food and presents including the pizza and drinks.  My only responisbility is to send out invites, bring plates, napkins, plastic-ware and cake.

The issue I'm running into right now is who to invite.  There are 14 boys and 6 girls in their class.  We can only invite 12 kids so we won't be inviting everyone, obviously.  We've narrowed the list to 6 kids in their class (not counting them) and 5 kids from past playgroups and such.  The three of us have decided on 11 kids.  6 boys and 5 girls.  I'm wracking my brain trying to find the best 12th girl for the part.  The problem is that the 6 girls in her class are paired up as "best friends".  The 5th girl is my daughter and the 6th girl is also a twin which means we would have to invite him which would throw the numbers off completely.  So that's my predicament.  Is it even possible to have a party and not leave someone out?  Grr.

Sorry...this entry is more verbal processing than anything...didn't mean to bore you.

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