Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh The Guilt!!!

Today I stole a parking spot...from a cancer patient.  Ugh.  How will I live with myself?  I was schlepping the kids off to the gym this morning in 2 degree windchill and begging for a good parking spot.  Often we park along the side of the gym (near sidewalks) but VERY far from the only entry of the edifice. 

I lucked out today though and spotted the perfect location as close to the entry as possible.  I booked it straight for the spot.  When I stopped to wait for the car to pull out, I put on my blinker.  As the car pulled away, I saw another car waiting with blinkers on...for MY spot.

We stared each other down but the other blinked first and gave me a friendly wave to take the spot.  Happy with myself, I begin to pull in to my coveted spot...only to notice the SUV that also wanted my spot was being driven by a woman with a turbin on her head.  I've seen her at the gym before and although I don't don't know her story, there is no denying that she is recovering from a bout with chemotherapy.

I thought I was so justified in taking the spot...what with my 3 kids under 6 and the 2 degree windchill.  Until I saw her.  There is a reason that the Bible asks us to consider others better than ourselves*. 

It's ironic...I started this post as a humorous poke at myself and really all of us.  We get so worked up about parking spots and such, even though I went to the gym to get exercise.  This post that I'd hoped would be funny is now totally convicting to me.  Great.  That's really what I need today.

Next time maybe I'll remember that I'm not the only one with a handicap.  (ie.  my 3 kids of course).

Philippians 2:3
*Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.


  1. Did you see this post?

    Don't beat yourself up! Feel grateful for the lesson, and then move on. You're a wonderful person and I appreciate you sharing this reminder!

  2. Small kids in a parking lot, sounds like a safety issue to can justify this. ;)

  3. I was thinking about this situation more and it struck me that the woman may have felt really empowered to be able to "give" you the parking spot. You said she gave you a friendly wave, so I bet she was feeling good for the first time in a while and was proud to not need the closest spot.

  4. Love that perspective, Jen.