Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Do the decisions ever end?  No they just get harder and harder.  This is my 5th straight year that I'm making the inevitable "preschool decision".  Why can't I be the person who picks ONE place and sticks with it? 

The first 2 years my twins went to this great little school which was technically a Mother's Day Out.  It was better than any preschool we've been to since but for the title alone, I was a little perturbed about keeping them there for their Pre K year.  After shopping MANY preschools, I decided to homeschool them.  Mostly my decision was based on a desire to enjoy them for a year before they went to school.  Calling it "homeschooling" makes it sound so much bigger than it was.  Basically, we read a million books and visited the library, science museum and zoo a lot.  We had a blast.  There was no rushing, running around with our heads cut off and most importantly, very little "yelling". 

I've found that the busier life is, the more I yell.  This year the twins are in 1/2 day afternoon kindergarten.  We end up rushing around like crazy people trying to get from our morning activity, eating lunch and then on to the school bus by late morning.  Then I get Little Dude ready and we rush off to preschool (2x per week), the grocery or some other crazy errand we have to accomplish before the other two get home.  Several times this year I've found myself in the grocery line (with 8 million coupons) with 10 minutes to go before the twins get off the bus. 

I'm noticing the stress is building and I'm getting more and more frustrated with my kids.  I miss last year when we did PreK at home and I enjoyed my kids.  We had fun last year.  This year we're running around with our heads cut off.  Time to slow down.

That's one reason I chose the preschool I did for Little Dude next year.  This year I'm driving to a different suburb because his school has an excellent Christian education.  He won't get that next year but he will get a good overall education AND it's 8 minutes from home.  That is...if we get into that school.  Unfortunately it's already full and they haven't even opened registration to non church families yet.  Ugh.

Can anything ever be easy?  No, you don't need to answer that one.

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  1. Next year, with the twins in 1st grade, you will have more time to work with, too, don't forget. :-)