Sunday, January 24, 2010

How My Kids Learned a Cuss Word

Yesterday I took the day off.  Not that a day is ever OFF when you are a mom but it was as close to a half day off as a mom gets.  A friend and I decided to run down to the Outlet Malls and hit the end of season sales.  We had a great time.  I love getting away.

I wasn't in the house for 5 minutes when I hear, "Daddy, what's green Sh*t?"


DaddyDearest decided it would be fun to play Russian Roulette with YouTube videos.  The kids wanted to see Monsters on Youtube.  As it turns out, you have to be pretty careful with what you search for!

This particular monster spits out "Green Sh*t" from his mouth and the doofus who posted this thinks it is pretty hilarious.  This section starts at 1:35 and the actual phrase is at 1:53.  Well worth a watch....just to see how some nerd might spend a Friday night.  Can you imagine having time to put these things together to post on YouTube?  Just don't watch it while your kids are around.

Despite the "Green Sh*t", I still plan to leave my offspring alone with Dearest Daddy...with strict instructions next time.


  1. Oh, KP! Just wait until your twins are old enough to learn these things at school, they'll come home and teach your Little Dude...the only difference will be, that they will know better than to advertise their new knowledge at that will be the stuff of whispers.

  2. Allison came home from preschool once and asked Alex what the 'S' word was. He told her it could be either stupid or shut up. It never occured to him what it could have been, I think, b/c the other one is a regular around our home. Ooops. :D