Wednesday, July 1, 2009

He's a Rare One!

So my Little Dude, age 3 and quite good at it, might I add, has been in a lot of trouble lately. His favorite thing is to tell me the top of his lungs. He's also said a few other things that get him in mega trouble. Out of desperation, I called my friend who now has 5 (including a set of twins so she knows it all, right?) and told her my predicament. She suggested vinegar.

Desperate to try anything I waited for my next opportunity for Little Dude to mouth off. Of course it wasn't a long wait. I can't remember what he said but I got a napkin and soaked it in vinegar. I then placed it on his tongue. He was not a happy camper but almost 48 hours passed before he said something inappropriate. Notice I didn't say 2 days passed before he got in trouble!

Anyway, he's gotten the vinegar treatment 3 or 4 times in the past 10 days. Today he screamed no at me and I promptly got the vinegar out. He fought me as I opened his mouth and inserted the vinegar soaked cloth. To my surprise, he stopped crying and asked for more vinegar. More? This child is a rare one, I tell you.

Now I'm off to buy hot sauce.


  1. I did the tobasco route w/ JB and it only took one application. He wasn't a big NO kid but he did NOT like the hot. and it's not like the soap that has all the crap in it. brett uses hot sauce on a daily basis. try it!!

  2. Use apple cider vinegar, has probiotics in it. Then you can feel good about keeping him healthy while you're trying to stop the mouthing off.

  3. We used the apple cider vinegar, too. (FYI - if you want to use it as an adult, it will speed up your metabolism). The Facts of Life gal (the one that is a Xian, Lisa something...) recommends it. We only had to use it a few times. Even now, when my kids smell it, they get nervous they've done something wrong. They will never been fans of vinagrette salad dressings.....

  4. Well, then! Maybe I should try the apple cider vinegar. Speeding up the metabolism thing...I'm all about that! Sounds yummy too. Something's gotta work for Little Dude!

  5. Meh, when in doubt, go for soap.


    PS thoroughly entertained :)