Thursday, July 23, 2009


4 months ago I received a school supply list while attending Kindergarten registration and orientation. We were given a choice to order the boxed school supplies at a rate of $38 per child or buy our own supplies.

With 2 kids entering Kindergarten and me being one of the cheapest people on earth, I stubbornly decide I will beat the system. I was also rebelling against the PTO president (and when did it stop being the PTA, btw!) who said some moms decide to "go out on their own" for Kindergarten and by first grade they are purchasing the PTO boxed supplies.

To prove her wrong, I plan to buy my supplies all through elementary. That's how stubborn I am but cheap too. I'll have to count it all up but I have paid less that $15 per child on these supplies that would have cost $38. Now granted, it's not like my savings is enough to put them through college or anything but it's fun. Buying the boxed supplies takes some fun out of getting ready for school.

I'll tell a tale of my crayon chase another day.


  1. PTA's have to charge dues, PTO's do not. PTA is a national organization, where PTO's are not. They do the same thing :)
    This from a former PTO treasurer in the great state of Ohio.
    I have never had a school have a set of supplies ready, usually schools do not have enough money to buy supplies ahead of time and PTO's do not want the hassle.

  2. I've always had to join the PTA at both schools Alex attended. I think it most likely depends upon your district and what they choose to do. Last year I had to go to 4 different stores to find the exact watercolors that were asked for on the school supply list, that cost around $5. A nightmare. I've discovered that those district-wide lists are kinda nonsense, b/c its not even what the individual teacher is asking for, but what the district recommends. Alex never even used the $5 watercolors. And his teacher had an entire cabinet full of kleenex, wipes and gallon size baggies from years past. If it was up to her, she wouldn't have asked for anymore.

  3. Oh, we'd totally buy our own too. You think the PTO box would be closer in price since they are buying in bulk. And you're right, it is a part of the "new school year" ritual, along with some clothes and a backpack. My husbands in school now and I even like buying his supplies :)

  4. That's hilarious, Tanya! I love that you buy his supplies too! =)
    The lists we were given were put together by each individual teacher and not a district list. The boxes would be nice but crazy money for what you get (and really it's the principle of the thing). Once I find this silly sketch book, all will be peachy keen.
    And Jenny, this is via and we pay in May. Supplies are picked up from the school Aug 17. The PTA makes mega money off the scam...I mean scheme.