Friday, July 10, 2009

5 Cows = $44 in Free Food

This is how cheap I am. I dressed up my trio (and myself) in "cow" costumes and we headed off to Chick Fila to pick up lunch before the splashpad. Hubby comes home from work this afternoon and finds out about our free lunch. He suggests that we pack up the banschees and do it again. And so we did.

Same costumes, different Chick Fila! I'm on a first name basis with the General Manager of a certain Chick Fila because we go there so often so it was necessary that we hit a different restaurant for dinner. It was well worth it. Chick Fila is expensive so live it up when we can. Best part? No dishes all day!

I love Chick Fila!
Keep in mind...this was a last minute thing...and I'm the least creative person on the planet. Grace, people! =)


  1. I am proud of you and jealous of your creativity and cow costumes. Very eager to see pictures.

  2. I love Chick Fila too! I'll probably run and get breakfast there in the morning since they were closed on the 4th. My fam loves the Gravy Biscuts.