Thursday, July 9, 2009

There's SMART and then there's KMART SMART!

While growing up there were 2 stores that I remember frequenting with my parents and grandparents. One was Gold Circle, basically a prehistoric Target. The other place was Kmart. Since 1980 I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've entered a Kmart. Today proved why.

After a workout, I decided to hit Kmart with my coupons as it was rumored that they were doubled this week. Amazingly, the kids were on their best behavior and even though I had a cart full of coupons, we somehow found the things we needed. It wasn't until I reached the register that the proverbial crud hit the fan.

The clerk successfully rung up my goods but as I watched the totals, I realized that I wasn't getting the BOGO deal for the mascara. I asked her about this and she said it would come at the end. Then I saw that the 4 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch were ringing up for 4/10 dollars instead of the marked 4/$6. Bitter. I ask the clerk and she refuses to help me. The woman behind me gets involved asking the clerk to look it up. Instead of calling a manager or another clerk, she hikes off to the cereal aisle leaving her register exposed and a long line of customers. 7 minutes later she returns telling me that I need to buy 5 boxes because she insisted that the sign read, "Buy 4 or more for $6". Huh? This clerk was so obstinate and dense that the customer behind me (still waiting in my line...maybe waiting for the soap opera to unravel) says, "That doesn't make any sense. 4 or MORE means you can buy 4." We seriously had to define the word OR for this woman. The clerk continues to argue until she is convinced to call the manager.

The manager moseys on over and says to the clerk, "Show me where this sign is". They BOTH leave the register with a new line of customers behind me (because the smart ones fled a long time ago). Another 8 minutes later the manager and the clerk return with the afore-mentioned sign in hand, deciding that they would take everything out of my cart, unload it all from the grocery bags AND re-ring my order. They did an override on my cereal which pleased my daughter because she was crying over the possibility of not getting Cinnamon Toast Crunch, an apparently rare delicacy in our home.

All of this and I hadn't even handed over my coupons yet. 30 minutes had already passed at this register (not including my 30 minutes of shopping time) and the nightmare was finally over. I found the REAL manager of the Kmart on my way out and told him I wouldn't be shopping there again. I thought I disliked Walmart but it's paradise compared to Kmart. I'm pretty sure the recession has nothing to do with how poorly Kmart has performed in recent years. On the bright side, I saved over $30.

They are honoring double coupons so if you have 8 hours for a KMART stop, you'll save some cash.


  1. Our Kmart is a disaster too. Same stuff -- signs don't match the scanned prices, and clerks apparently have no way to check prices without walking through the store. What the heck??

    Oh, also: GOLD CIRCLE!!!!!

  2. Good job and OMG I would have been a nervous wreck!!! And the Kmart is too far out of the way for me to trek over there and it's pretty ghetto.