Thursday, July 16, 2009

And the Years Fly By

This was written by a wise friend of mine. Her children are now in college and she's lamenting over the passed time. I thought this was an incredible perspective for those of us who are deep in the trenches. Enjoy the moment, folks.

Emma was sitting on the aisle, quiet and content with her Momma. She was four months old. She cooed, looked at Warren making funny faces, drank her bottle and was very content in her Momma’s arms.
Anna Belle was screaming at the top of her lungs behind my seat...uncontrollably. I guess she had not flown before. Her parents were a bit frazzled, the last ones on the plane with their carseats and two children.
As I sat listening to her Momma try to comfort her, talking about Jasmine, Cinderella, Ariel… the tears started streaming down my face.
Flying to Fort Collins where we have been for so many summers. It just wasn't quite right going without our two little girls.. oops they are not so little any more.. 19 in a few days and 21.
Just yesterday they were crying over not wanting to go to a new school in foreign country, not wanting to go into the pool for swim lessons. Now they have their own lives.
I love being a mom.. having someone that needs me to hold them, comfort them, talk to them about pretty princesses that make things better. Why do I still ache so much? I guess sometime I will get used to life as it is now. I don’t know. I am still crying. I wonder if Emma and Anna Belle's Momma's realize how precious this time is they are having with their little girls right by their side? Maybe so. They will one day.

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