Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Great Crayon Chase

This is how absurd I am. Even though I've had my supply list since March, I wanted to wait for the best supply deals. Starting about 2 weeks ago, I began seeing ads for great prices. I bought my markers at BOGO half off in June. Then the prices started dropping. Around July 10th I found crayons for .99 cents at Kroger. I was psyched and bought two. Around July 13th I found them for .89 cents at Staples. With my $5/off coupon the price was .67 cents. I thought I found a steal. Then I found them at Marc's for 48 cents. That was the rock bottom price. Just 5 days ago, I found the same crayola crayons at Target for 20 cents. A steal.

The following day I found the Crayola 24 pack for .15 cents at Walmart.
I ended up buying from each of these stores and returning to 2 of the 4 stores. The rest of the crayons I kept while buying an additional 10 boxes at Walmart to donate to local schools in need.

My stubbornness insisted that I find the best deals even if I don't need the crayons anymore. Someone else will though so hopefully they will go to a kid in need.
Also, if you find deals, think about keeping them to stuff in Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes around Thanksgiving time. School supplies are $$$$$ during the winter months to stock up now!


  1. I am guilty of doing exactly this. Tomorrow I will be returning less than $2.00 worth of pencils in favor of a cheaper deal purchased at another store.

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone! =)