Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coupon Bzz

I'm officially on a coupon high. Today I went to Walgreens where I bought a hair dryer (a much needed hair dryer, btw!) for $14.99. A decent price. Well, when you buy this hair dyer you get $10 of Walgreens money (Register Rewards/RR) to spend on future purchase.

To buy this $14.99 hair dryer, I used $10 of Walgreens "Register Rewards" from a previous purchase. My hair dryer was then $4.99 out of pocket and I still received $10 in RR for later. So, I sorta made $5 on the deal. Not bad.

My other purchase was a Goody Ouchless hairband which I bought with a $1 off coupon and I'll be sending in the paperwork for $3.99 redemption. So essentially I made $1 off the deal. I'm definitely Bzzing and feeling good after this moneymaker AND I can finally dry my hair!

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