Friday, July 31, 2009


I remember a day when I thought it was a miracle to get my own belongings packed, organized and ready for a trip. Now I'm responsible for packing up 5 people. I'm including my husband in that number because well...let's face it. He needs help. I usually find a pair of shoes he has forgotten or a pair of much needed swim trunks. I have to admit...he helps me too. He's in charge of packing the van because it has to be "just so". I don't touch that part.

It's a daunting task to gather clothing for 5 and food for a week, or at least for the trip. We're driving 12 hours to the OuterBanks where a lovely beach house awaits us. There are bike trails all over so we'll be doing a lot of riding. That also means we have to somehow get kid bikes to the beach. Hmm...Time to make a list.

I love vacation but the days leading up to it (and the trip home/recovery afterward) ALMOST negate the vacation part. Let's face it...when you have kids under the age of ten, no destination is a vacation. Let's call it a trip.

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