Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Competition

Every year we take part in a neighborhood kiddie parade. It's actually not in our neighborhood but the one I grew up in. We started when the twins were 4 months old so this is our 6th year.
Here are the first 5 years...



2007 also



And for some reason I can't find 2004 but it was just the double stroller (not decorated) since the twins were babies.

This year we flaked a little...well, okay a lot.


Here was our compettion:

Way above and beyond the call of duty for a kiddie parade, don't you think? But of course I'm challenged for next year so I'm brainstorming now. Any suggestions are welcome! Oh, and just to compare how far that float went beyond normal Kiddie Parade social norms, our above floats won 1st or 2nd place every year but this year.

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