Saturday, April 11, 2009


Funny that I just posted about my experience with God. Technically I guess I would call it a testimony. Just today I ran into someone who fits into that story.

J and I took our daughter to her soccer game and decided to spend an hour or two at the zoo. It isn't far from our home and with our pass, everything is free. We parked, entered the park and high tailed it to the back of the park where there was a special show today. Jack Hanna was appearing for a special live performance. The name may sound familiar to you. He is on David Letterman and other shows from time to time. He also has a show on Saturday/Sunday mornings made especially for kids. It's called Jungle Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures.

The performance today was a take off of the old folk tale, The Tortoise and the Hare. After an educational lecture on each animal, the crowd was invited outside to watch the two race. We got front row seats for this part. The tortoise won, in case you were wondering! =) Slow and steady wins the race.

Afterward Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, Jack Hanna, signed autographs for all the fans in the audience. Each of my kids got a signed picture of him with a bearcat on his shoulder. I'll post it soon. It's a cute pic. As he was at the end of the autograph session, I happened to mention that his son-in-law was my Young Life leader in high school. Mr. Hanna drops everything and starts yelling across the Zoo, Billy...Billy, does anyone know where Billy is? He then asks one of his handlers to help me find Billy. At this point, I'm wandering all over this section of the Zoo with a random Zoo guy in order to find my Young Life leader who I haven't seen since a wedding of a mutual friend over 9 years ago. Hanna continues to call his son in law's name until he found his granddaughter. He then asks her to call Billy on his cell.

I finally see Billy about 100 yards away. At this point I'm standing with Jack Hanna who is still yelling BILLY while signing autographs. There are many on-lookers watching this whole ordeal, I might add. Good thing I don't embarrass easily! Jack then says, "Don't say anything. Let's see if he recognizes you." About 30 feet away Billy starts yelling, "KP, how are you? It's been forever."

I was finally reunited with Billy and his dear wife Suzanne. Our kids played with their 4 kids and what do you know. They have twins too! Doesn't everyone have at least one set of twins these days?

Anyway, Billy was part of a team that brought Young Life back into my high school when I was a sophomore. If I hadn't met those Young Life leaders and gone to camp that summer, I'm not sure where I would be in my life right now. Thankfully God is omnipotent and sovereign in all things but I am grateful to Billy and the other team members who cared enough to make God known at my high school.

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