Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can I get a HOLLA!

Just got word that we are going to afternoon Kindergarten! I am the happiest girl on the block. Ah yea! No 6 AM alarm clocks and no 7:44AM bus. Of course this means I have to re-vamp all my plans for Little Dude. What the heck am I going to do with him? Time to scramble since I previously signed him up for an AM preschool. Looks like PM preschools are far and few between. There are limited choices but I'm gonna find one of them b/c I need to get to the grocery (sin kiddos) sometime next year. There's always a kink in the perfectly laid plans of mice and men!


  1. Hot damn! But, what is this grocery shopping w/o kids of which you speak? You mean that instead of making the big kids all push carts full of little kids, that you can't actually use for grocery because little kids have long arms, and you push one cart and pull another in order to fit all your groceries, and finally you adorn their sweet little necks and foot space with grocery bags, and the eggs lay in your lap because none of the kids can be trusted with mean that there exists another (dare I say better) way?

  2. Viv, totally reminds me of when the twins were still in infant carseats. I had NO place to put my groceries. They took up the whole cart...although now I look back on it and see the positives. They couldn't move or wiggle out of those seats. They also couldn't break eggs. Oh, if I could only go back!

  3. We have one school that does all day Kinder. It just happens to be our home school. Not sure what I want to do when the time comes.