Thursday, April 30, 2009

Girls' Club

It's Thursday. That means we went to Bible Study Fellowship and then a trip to Chick Fila to meet some friends. This particular mom has twin boys who are 2 months older than my twins. We play often and our kids have a blast together. In fact, somewhere near the beginning of our mutual friendship her twin boy and my twin girl developed a special little boy/girl friendship (as 3 yr olds). He even asked his mom if he could take my daughter to Grand Cayman. Whoah...not so fast buddy. =)

So just recently my daughter has started this "girl club" phase. She's seeing that girls are girls, boys are boys and we're almost to the cooty stage, I think...though I dare not say it. Because we almost always play with boys (most of our friends have boy twins) GWT has begun to seek out random girls to play with, wherever we are.

Today she went into the Chick Fila playland and immediately found a few girls to play with. Apparently they formed a "all girls' club" because my friend's son came out of the playland and said to his mother, "I'm pretending to be a girl so that Girl Wondertwin will let me in her girls' club."

This little boy is very secure in his masculinity. I wonder how long he'll be willing to "pretend" he's a girl just to play with my daughter and you can bet my friend didn't tell her husband!

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