Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Showers...

It rained like a banschee today. Every time it rains my husband freaks. Not because he doesn't like green grass but because we have a basement. 2 to be exact. We own a rental property that has a small leak in the finished part of the basement. We also own our current home that came with all kinds of water issues. Fortunately, the basement dampness in our home was solved by a lot of grading (aka digging up the entire backyard, sloping and planting new grass) as well as this amazing invention called drylock. It's a paint that locks out water...theoretically.

The rental house is another story. It isn't as simple as digging up the entire yard to re-grade. After getting several estimates, 2 basement professionals recommended digging up the flower beds in the front of the house, placing a plastic underlayment 2 feet down and filling in with dirt.

We followed the professionals' instructions to the letter. So far we have gone 4 weeks and there is no water in the basement of the rental house. My husband is still not breathing easy though...he's just sure we will have issues. Coming from Texas, basements are new to him. He used to be so intrigued by them and now he hates them. I guess if you are from the land of basements you are accostomed to a little water in your home from time to time.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on any further basement developments. Exciting post today, I know.


  1. I am with your husband, the rain makes me nervous. Ours is our garage. It rarely rains here in CA but when it does and the ground can't handle it the water seeps from the block wall and I think under the garage slab. Thankfully we have not noticed mold on any wood, but mildew on stuff in the garage, yes.

  2. Our garage does the same thing. Try that Drylock stuff. It works wonders. Use the one that has the 15 yr warranty and follow the directions to a T.

  3. Update: Still NO water and it rained like crazy for 3 days straight. Could it be?