Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Fun on HGTV

I used to be a big HGTV junkie. Not so much these days. After 16 months of home improvement (fixing up a former bank owned property) I've found that it's more fun to watch than to actually do myself. Take tonight for instance. It's Saturday night and I'm covered in mastic (that is the stuff that sticks the tile to the concrete) as we attempt to tile the laundry room in the lower lever. If it only involved mastic, we could handle it but a lot of it entails cutting tiles to fit in odd spaces.

Note: One of the tile pictures has a piece of linoleum on it. That's the lovely stuff that was there before.

It's coming together but wow! It's exhausting. Just for fun I'm posting a pic of the shower that we just completed. The whole bathroom was a total overhaul due to major water damage. EVERYTHING in there is new except the toilet and the shower base. Included you'll see pictures of the bathroom before the renovation. It wasn't even usable due to the leaking and water issues.

It isn't completely finished but J took the first shower in it this afternoon and it works!

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