Thursday, April 2, 2009

A few minutes at Panera

Last night was AWANA night. If you don't know what Awana is, I suggest you check it out. In our house it's better known as FREE date night! Well, the dinner part isn't free but the babysitting is b/c the kids are at AWANA.

My husband had to stay home to receive the plumber who was to put in our new shower enclosure in the lower level bathroom. I decided I would bring my computer with me to Panera to get some much needed work completed while the kids were at blessed (parents 1.5 hour of free time) Awana.

I dropped the kids off and bee-lined to the closest thing to heaven, Panera. I set up my computer and danced to the counter to order a Decaf mocha with extra whipped cream and fudge topping. I'm drooling just thinking about it. As I waited for my coffee I saw an old friend who was with a companion. We chatted briefly and she asked who I was with. I smiled and said, "I'm here with my computer." I said it with such satisfaction. As a single woman in her 40's, she must have thought I was crazy. Could it be that only another mom could understand what this 90 minutes of freedom meant to me? As much as I enjoyed seeing my friend, nothing could keep me from my mocha and my little booth.

My name was called and I picked up my mocha in time to find my computer booted up and ready to go. I worked for 60 straight, uninterrupted minutes. It was simply blissful. I was so anxious for my dessert, I mean my coffee, that I burned my tongue. Do you think I cared? Nothing could ruin my treasured minutes alone.

Oh, it's sad the things I treasure these days but I think God wants us to be thankful for the little things and BIG things in life. Parenthood brings out thankfulness in the little things as I'm slowly learning.

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