Friday, April 3, 2009

Chuck E. Hell

Today is Little Dude's 3rd Birthday. After weighing our options, we decided to take him to Chuck E. Cheese for his big day...well, the night before his big day. Have I mentioned how much I detest Chuck E. Cheese? Could there be a louder, more obnoxious place on this earth? I exit with a strong desire to cut my own head off everytime I leave that place.

Last night was no different. Little Dude had a blast though and we were treated to Graeter's cake after Chuck E. Cheese. Graeter's makes the best ice cream cake on the planet and it's our birthday tradition to splurge on a Graeter's cake for most birthdays.

A funny thing did happen last night though. I was looking for my 5 year old boy (the non-birthday boy) when I stumbled across him with a little girl who was celebrating her 6th birthday that day. I had to take a picture. It's his first car date!

I asked him who paid and he said, "She did. She had a lot of money." He's already making good choices. My little man! =)


  1. Here we have Ollie Koala's too. At least I've never liked mice...I used to think that koala bears were cute.

  2. Happy Birthday to your big boy!

    ( did I forget that the first time?)

  3. The biggest family meltdowns I can remember as a kid took place at Chuck E Cheese. Now I know that it's the food (specifically the BHT in the shortening in their dough) that makes you feel like you have to explode at someone or something for the next 24 hours. Watch out.