Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Going a Little Blog Crazy

I know I'm posting like a mad woman but I HAVE to post this. While J and I have been tiling the entry, our kids had the run of the house. We paused to put them to bed but you know how that goes. They need 85 hugs, 22 drinks of milk, 102 stories and 49 bathroom trips. Well, apparently Little Dude had some help from his big sister this evening.

I came upstairs to check on the state of disarray. After picking up a zillion things and putting them in their proper place, I bravely entered the kids' bathroom. It was in decent shape but curiously, I found a pull-up on the ground. Odd...it was dry and it had been worn. Wanting to solve this mystery, I went to the usual suspect. He's in his bed, covered up. Uncovering him, I find this! Yes, he's wearing pink panties...no pull-up. Where the heck did he find pink panties? His big sister of course. Someone remind me NOT to rely on the "big kids" to raise Little Dude. Daddy was none to happy to see this picture.


  1. She's outnumbered, but it seems that she is still winning...I'll bet that is quite a little girl you've got!

  2. I love it! Reassure your husband that this is just a sign that your son is very confident in his masculinity. He's also very stylish -- isn't pink in for men these days? Or maybe that was a couple years ago.