Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Banned from the kids club???

We belong to an athletic club that has a sweet Childcare Center. My kids love that place. There is a computer lab, a tv lounge, a maze (like at chick fila) and a basketball court. Generally the kids spend an hour to 90 minutes in the kids' club while I do my workout classes.

Today, I went to Total Conditioning. This class is killer. I've done it for 5 weeks in a row now and I'm still CRAZY sore on Thursday mornings.
Anyway, apparently toward the end of my Core Conditioning class, Little Dude got in a fist fight with another little guy. Yep, he turns 3 on Friday and he is busting out his Rocky moves on another 3 year old. I was tempted to ask who won but the child care worker was in NO mood for jokes.

After fishing me out of my class, I run down to childcare to find out what happened. Turns out Little Dude was kicked out for the day and was written up in a report. At least the other little guy got the same punishment but I couldn't believe that I'm signing an incident report for my not even 3 year old who got in trouble for fighting. If it happens again, Little Dude will be suspended for 3 days. Seriously?

Like I need issues with Little Dude. I have 5 year old twins who keep me struggling to be the "good" mom who raises kids who don't cause problems. I just didn't see it coming. It's really already time for Little Dude to be an issue?

Oh, they are right. They do grow up too fast...especially the "baby".


  1. I have thought about this (probably more than you intended when you wrote it) and I am wondering if the person in charge at the childcare spot was new? Usually two/three year olds don't get in (that much) trouble for fighting. Most often in my experience they seperate the kids and enforce a time out. Maybe you have better behaved toddlers in Columbus, but, I have never met a toddler that didn't hit.

    You may want to make the person in charge aware of what happened if they aren't already...because to me it sounds like the person who wrote the boys up does not have a lot of experience with children. In other words they would have written me up when I responded with, "are you freaking kidding me? April Fools...right?"

  2. Seriously? Couldn't she just pull them apart and call it a day? And Viv my toddler never hits, bahhhhaha as if! In fact I think he just hit Me yesterday.

  3. Yea, well, I just didn't have the energy to fight the establishment. April Fool's is right though. My guess is that they didn't really see what happened but caught the end of it. I'll fight it if it happens again b/c you know I'm not taking a 3 day suspension. My metabolism isn't THAT good!

  4. ROFL. I'm so sorry but this is hilarious! I'm just imagining some little 2-year-old getting so mad and trying to punch another kid, and then these workers step in and treat him like he's a high schooler... lol

    I am sure that you don't need the reassurance, since you spend loads of time with other moms of more than one, but I can only think of maybe one little boy I know who has never thrown a punch. (He's not mine.)