Sunday, March 7, 2010

You're Not 22 Anymore

I think I'm getting sick.  I can feel my tonsils starting to swell as I write.  Crud.

As I stated in my previous post, I haven't sat down all week. Well, the craziness led into the weekend.  I had a weekend like I haven't had in years.  It started with a neighborhood Happy Hour and then a few hours at a friends' house.  Then my best friend came to town.  We shopped all afternoon.  Then we attended a benefit for Young Life where I saw friends from years and years ago.

It was just one of those weekends where you are bzzing the whole time (not from alcohol, of course) from the mass amounts of stimuli all around.  I crashed around 2AM this morning and was up at 7AM to greet by house guests.  I fixed breakfast, went to church and my 1PM, I was asleep.

I slept 90 minutes this afternoon and as I type, I'm still in bed.

Oh, what a glorious long as I don't get sick.

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