Wednesday, March 10, 2010


There are very few things that are worse than being sick with 3 kids who are not...okay.  Maybe having 3 sick kids while you're sick too is worse.  That happened once.  All 5 of us were puking during the same 48 hours.  It was bad.  Of course we called in mom.

She was puking within 24 hours.  Poor her.

Anyway, my wild and crazy weekend got the better of me.  I'm not puking thankfully but I can barely move my  neck, my throat is sore and all the energy has been sucked out of me.  Worse?  The weather is amazing.  Of course.

Little Dude has been surprisingly good throughout all of this.  Today he has been playing on my bed (for 2 full hours and counting) while the Wondertwins are at school.  He has this Little People Circus thing on my bed (which he calls Disney World) as well as a nativity scene.  How he dragged that out in the middle of March...I have no idea.  I promise we have put away all of our Christmas decorations!

As long as I get to lay in bed and be miserable...I couldn't care less.  He can drag out the freakin' Christmas tree.  As long as he's happy and I don't have to waste undue energy.  Oh, let tomorrow be a better day!

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