Friday, March 12, 2010

Little Dude and his Slipper

Still trudging along here in SickVille.  Ugh, I hate being sick.

Anyway, no sick days for mom so life goes on.  Little dude got it in his head yesterday that he HAD to wear slippers to preschool.  Hmm.  There really is a good reason behind this one.  His brother and sister are studying the 7 continents in Kindergarten (by the way, do you know that different countries teach that there are different numbers of continents?  In Chile they are taught that there are 5.  In China they learn that there are 6...weird).

The twins "flew" to Japan yesterday and had to have their slippers because shoes are not worn in the house.  So, all day yesterday they wore their slippers at school.  Little Dude was convinced that he too needed to wear his slippers.  How do I explain THIS one to the teacher?

Unfortunately for Little Dude, he could only find one.  After fits and pouts he finally relented.  He put his ONE slipper into his school bag and off he went.  He wants to be "big" so badly.  Poor Little Dude.

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