Thursday, March 18, 2010

Everyone's Getting Older...but Me

Okay, this Facebook thing has changed everything.  Everything! 

Remember when you only saw old high school friends every 10 years?  Someone posted a picture of her husband (who was also in our class) today on Facebook.  He looked like a really old man.  He was balding and had some scruff with a triple chin.  I really couldn't have imagined him looking like that but in 2010 he does.

I see older men (seemingly older than me...I thought) who look like him all the time.  I assume that they are in their late 40's instead of mid to late 30's.  Apparently I'm a bad judge of age but he just looks BAD.  Bad.

Is that mean?  This post then makes me wonder...what are they saying about me?


  1. Too funny I had a very similar experience the other day when an old friend was talking about her HOT husband. I looked at a photo of him and wondered when did old men become hot.... my birthday was this week and it seems weird that when I think of myself I am in college at the oldest and in the mirror I am not that young anymore. Although I am aging well in comparison to my sister who is younger than me but she is already coloring her hair due to gray. Oh well time marches on and it marches on us sometimes... Keep the vents coming

  2. There is a book series I read. I've been doing so for about 10 years. I realized yesterday, that I am now older than the main character in the book, who I thought 10 years ago was poised on middle age. There is a lot of, "Oh crap!" going on in my head right now.

  3. I totally don't think it's mean. Just yesterday I looked at two people from my class and they were with a little baby and I immediatly thought they look more like the grandma then the mom. Scary! And they probably think you look great. :) I know people never think my husband and I are our ages and comment that they thought we were younger.