Wednesday, March 17, 2010

People Say the Darndest Things

People say strange things to me all the time.  Even when they are awake.  Granted, it's usually someone from my family.  Take today.  Warning tho...what comes next borders, maybe?  Ok, not about uncomfortable?

I don't know if you have heard that radio/tv commercial for Extense (I think that's how it is spelled).  You is supposed to EXTEND the uhHEM on a man.  This commercial will not go away.  It seems to play quite often so that it's almost a daily thing.  Today my husband jokingly said that he was going to order some.  I said, "That's really the last thing you need."  Not necessarily meaning it in the way he took it he then said, "I think that is the nicest thing you've ever said to me."...really?

Note to self:  Be sweeter to husband.

Tonight in the kitchen my daughter said (right after hugging me), "You know what I love about you?  I love your soft, fudgy tummy.  It's a perfect place for me to rest my head when I hug you.  My head fits right in there."

Great.  Thank you dear daughter.  She was so sincere and meant it as the nicest compliment.  If there is anything "fudgey" about my tummy, it's because she and her twin brother had their way with me for 8 full months....and we live right down the street from the best ice cream on the planet.  But's the twins' fault.

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