Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Lovely Bones

I'm needing some encouragement.  I'm halfway into this book and I'm just not that into it.  So many friends have raved about this book and it's even now a motion picture so really, it must be good, right?

Maybe it's the ending that will do it for me.  So far, no rave reviews.

I finished The Lovely Bones.  While it's not on my top 1 million of fave books, it had an interesting perspective.  I admire any book that can tell a story from a dead person's point of view.  I was disturbed by the heaven that was drawn by this author and thankfully, from the Bible, we know that this is not the Heaven we will encounter but it was disturbing all the same.  The first chapter is quite violent and I could have done without that as well.  Since I've had kids my sensitivities are WAY up in that department.  That being said, I plan to rent the movie this weekend...let's hope it's better than the book.

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