Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can I Sit Down Now?

This week has been atrocious.  I have not stopped since 7AM on Monday!  It's been a great week and I'm thankful.  It's been full of friends, fun and oh yea, 3 parent teacher conferences.

One perk with twins...2 conferences back to back...same teacher.  yep.  I like that.

I went to Little Dude's conference on Wednesday.  Keep in mind he is 3 years old.

Really.  What is there to say about a 3 year old.  He holds his crayon with a "tentative grip".

Dang it.  Call Harvard.  Guess he's not going there.  There goes his WHOLE future.

Same with grades from gym class...I mean "Physical Education".

Both my twins got mostly "3"s instead of "4"s in gym.  It's gym.

Turns out Mr. M is the hardest grader in the school.  Gym.  Crud.  Forget that Division I football scholarship.

Just love how serious things have gotten.  It's Kindergarten people.

I'd be happy if they would just stop sucking on their fingers!

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