Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here She Goes...Getting Political

I know.  It's not socially acceptable to run your mouth concerning political views.  I live in a bell weather state.  I never know if I'm talking to a Democrat or a Republican.  It was different when I lived in Texas.  It was rare to find a Democrat down there.  My husband didn't meet a Democrat til he went to college.

I grew up in a liberal home and I come from a long line of Democrats.  I honestly believe those democrats would be rolling over in their graves right now if they could see the state of our Union.  Our country's debt is now over 12 trillion and is expected to be at 20 trillion by 2020.  Phenomenal.  I can't even fathom.

When my household has unexpected costs we tighten our belts and cut expenses.  Sometimes we cut things that are very important to the well being of our family but we do what we have to do.  It kills me to see our country spending 1 trillion dollars on the current health care bill.  It kills me. 

Please don't accuse me of not having compassion for those in difficult situations.  I have been without health insurance and I'm currently on a health savings account.  I know what it's like to worry that the unimaginable is about to happen.  I get that.  What I don't get is why we look to the government to solve our problems.  Has anyone taken a hard look at the US Postal Service lately?  Over 4 billion dollars in debt and still climbing.  Why would we ask the government to take over 18% of our economy?  That baffles me. 

Beyond compassion, what is a liberal's defense for this bill?  There are so many other ways to establish better health care systems beyond what the government has just created.  I'm all for helping the poor.  I give to many different charities and I love that it's MY choice to give.  Taxes are not a choice, they are a burden.  Why can't we incentivise better health care?  Why can't we give doctors and hospitals reason to give charity?  Why can't we give tax breaks to individuals who give of their own means? 

Please don't get me wrong.  Every American should have access to a doctor and a hospital in their time of need and for preventative care but going 1 trillion more in debt is not the answer.  Here is a post from a local paper.  I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. My hot issue with health care in general right now, is how the system is set up (currently) so that it is very difficult for most people to insure themselves. Insurance companies make money from large companies, and individuals are a pain for them to deal with so prices are jacked up. Yet, the more I think about it, the more I think it's totally wrong for employers to have anything to do with a person's health insurance. It pretty much gives an employer a huge incentive to not hire people with health problems... and right now that's illegal. So employers are in a real bind.

    I don't think everyone should be forced into having health insurance, nor do I think everyone should be forced into having auto insurance. But I don't want to absorb the bills of people who were unwilling to pay into the insurance system and were then unable to pay their medical bills... nor do I want people to forego necessary medical care because they don't have the money.

    We are finding more individual health insurance plans that are affordable and flexible, and have even found some that are a better deal than the one we buy thru Jason's employer right now.

    I am not caught up on all that's involved in the current health care reform bill, but the rushed and hush-hush way it was pushed through doesn't seem like a good sign to me.

  2. I agree Jen. It is just WEIRD that health care is provided through an employer. Why? That just isn't right either. Just like the government should have no control of our individual health care choices, neither should employers. I'd like to see competition across state lines (that seems like a no brainer to me) and tort reform. I think things need to change BIG time but if the congress isn't signing onto this healthcare ( individuals they get to keep the Cadillac plan they already have) then why wd I want it? Government just does not make sense anymore...or ever?