Monday, March 22, 2010

Here We Go Again

Okay, before I dive into the extreme negative (because I am a realist, not a pessimist!!!) let me say that I love Kroger.  I love Kroger.  There is not a better retailer out there.  They make my life so easy.  Since we have a Marketplace Kroger close by, I can buy anything my heart desires...right inside Kroger (sheets, towels, furniture, deodorant and...whatever).  And if I have an issue or a difficulty, they fix it for me...right then and there.  No trying to talk sense into them...I don't even need to search through 80 different employees before I find someone with a little power.  I ALWAYS have a good experience there...that is if I don't take my 3 banshees with me.

Really, this blog isn't to DOG on the entire retail world but it seems I've had another negative experience.  Because this is VENTALICIOUS and it's my one place on earth that I can say whatever I want (well, almost) I'm going to vent.

Today I went to Costco like I do 2 or 3 times per month (for 3 years).  I always spend way too much money there but I love that place...well, I LOVED that place.

I entered with Little Dude just like I always have.  The greeter took my membership card in her hand, looked at it and welcomed me into the store.  I did my shopping with Little Dude...he behaved himself for the most part (no pooping in his shoe this time) and we got in line to check out.  After having loaded ALL of my groceries onto the conveyor belt, the cashier says, "Blah blah can't make this purchase."

Awaking from my little fog, "Huh?"
"You are not "J" are you?" says the moron.
"Well, no.  Of course not.  He's my husband" I say as if my answer is obvious.
"Where is he?" he asks.
"What do you mean where is he?  He's at work."
"Well then, you cannot make this purchase.  Your name has to be on the card to make a purchase and "J" must be present to get your name on the card.  You can't make your purchases today unless "J" is with you."

Dumfounded, I look down at my groceries (that took me 60 minutes to find...with a 3 yr old in tow) and as I looked up I saw a friend from my neighborhood.  I quickly explain to her what is happening and lo and behold, she offers to pay for my groceries.  God bless her.

Now back to the moron, he agrees to this but takes my membership card (um...make that my husband's membership card) and says that my husband has to go to Costco to pick it up and he would not return it to me.  Like I stole it from my husband.  I told you this guy's a moron.

Ticked beyond belief at this point (and incredibly relieved that my friend showed up when she did...I fully believe that was God's grace on my life today) I go to the Member Services counter hoping that SOMEONE, ANYONE could make sense of what just happened.

Nope.  It was like talking to a robot. She went all Andy Bernard on me, "mirroring" what I was saying to her and apologizing in the "I just want this situation to go away" kind of manner. All she could do was offer to call the manager (with whom I had just spoken at the register).  So, I went home with a trunk full of groceries, no Costco membership and some major stress on my heart and vital organs.  Thanks Costco.

I called the corporate customer service line and after talking to a very nice woman I was transferred to another moron (who had more "authority" than the afore-mentioned  woman) who could only recite "company policy".  Not only that but I think he canceled the membership that my husband had through his job.  Apparently his company didn't go through the correct procedures which in turn negated the membership card...even though it worked for 3 plus years.  I am angry beyond words and frustrated that Costco couldn't care less.

All I can do now is tell you how poorly Costco handled this whole situation and get a Sam's Club Membership.  I'd go to BJ's Warehouse but we don't have one.  Bitter.

Does this make any sense to anyone?


  1. Yes, it makes sense to me. (Sorry to be a "realist" on you.) Costco memberships are for an individual, not a family. If you want your own card, you have to get your own card. Hubby and I have our own. You can get two cards on the same account, but it has to have your name on it. Otherwise, anyone could borrow anyone's card to shop there. What would be the point of a membership if anyone can shop?

  2. I understand the company policy. Believe me. They explained it to me at least a million times. The thing that doesn't make sense is that they let me shop there for 3 years (not knowing that a spouse's card was not transferable) and yesterday of all days, they chose NOT to let me buy my groceries even though they had let me in and I was ready to give them money. A sensible company would have said, "We'll let you make your purchase today but from now on, you need your own card." That would make sense. Not what they did or how they turned away 4 people after me within a span of 10 minutes. Absurd.
    And no, I can't get a card under my husband because of the way his company set it up.