Friday, February 19, 2010

Whiney Hiney

Little Dude is in rare form, my friends.  Rare form. 

It was the Wondertwins 6th birthday this week and for some reason, Little Dude (at age 3...turning 4 in six weeks) does not understand why BOTH his brother AND his sister get presents and he doesn't.

I brought the kids home from school yesterday to find Little Dude in the kitchen with a pile of presents (from my mom) and none of them were for him. 

That was my mom's mistake. She should have known better, I suppose.  She tried. She bought him this cute little M&M's candy container.  That did not do it for Little Dude though.   He cried and screamed (in HIS room)  "I don yike dis pwesent, I don yike dis pwesent" for at least an hour.

He finally chilled and we all enjoyed a pasta casserole cooked by yours truly and a Graeter's ice cream cake.  The cake ALMOST made up for 60 full minutes of Little Dude and his bad attitude. Almost.

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  1. That does seem like a hard situation for a kid to understand. I never thought about it before but he does have my sympathy right now.

    Isn't it mortifying when your kid throws a tantrum based on a lack of gratitude right in front of the gift-giver? I've had that happen a number of times with my boys. Sigh.