Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh the Romance!

You never know what my sweet husband of almost 12 years will say or do next. 

Take today for example. 

After I dragged 3 kids and a husband on a trip an hour North of our home for a day of SnowTubing* (SOO SOO SOO fun if you've never done it...I HIGHLY recommend it) we raced home to see some friends who were briefly passing through town.

We then took the kids to my mom's house for their own Valentine's festivities while hubby and I enjoyed a romantic evening.  You'll never guess what we did.

We hit Kroger for triple coupons...yes, triple!  I was elated.  Side note:  I saved over $70!!!!!

Then we went to Pei Wei (because it's cheap and you don't have to tip...and it's so scrumptious!)

Over Pad Thai he said the most romantic thing to me.  Are you ready?

"I'm glad you don't look like a man".

Yep.  Didn't I find a catch?

Sadly I DO think it's romantic that he spent 90 minutes with me at Kroger so we could put my coupons to good use.  Couldn't have had a better Valentines...unless it was spent on a beach somewhere.

*Snow-tubing, for my Southern friends, is where you ride up a conveyor belt (for lack of a better word) up a mountain to the top.  You then ride the tube down to the bottom.  It is so awesomely fun AND even 3 year olds can do it.  Can't beat that...a whole family affair!

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  1. Hey, he's used up all his really good compliments... they can't all be winners!

    Congratulations on your romance with triple coupons!