Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A True American

This is an excerpt from a message my friend sent.  He is 
from the Sudan and recently became
an American citizen.  He is now back in his home country 
but now with the rights of an 
American citizen.
Yesterday marked my 15th anniversary since I moved to the USA.
Here comes the story of my Visa to 
America. In 1995 I got my visa to enter the USA, so I came 
to New York with 50 dollars and one stuffed suitcase.
I was one of millions of immigrants. But I always felt God was 
touching me by his mercy everyday and providing Godly people 
like you who made my life smoother and easier in America, 
and you still continued to be a blessing to me even though
I moved back to my old country. 15 years ago a miracle took 
place in the American Embassy in Khartoum, I was granted a visa 
to enter America, I had applied for a visa six times and I was denied
visa the six times, I had to wait for one year each time 
before I can apply again,(those days I was inspired by the
Ernest Hemingway's book, Old man and the sea) I was often denied
a visa becauseI did not hold a good paying job nor having a lots of 
money in a saving bank account. So the last time while I was 
interviewing with the Embassy counselor, in the middle of the interview, 
her phone rang and she picked up the phone and talked for about ten 
minutes, and after that she did NOT ask me if I have a good job or 
saving account instead she did not finish the interview and she took 
my passport and asked me to come the next day to collect my visa,
that was one of the happiest moments in my life, because I wanted to 
come America since I was high school-er, I kept on trying since 1988
and by 1995 the dream came true, when I received my passport with
a VISA, I remember I used to stare at my visa for hours and hours and 
in the end I would put my Passport under my pillow. A similar miracle 
also happened with me getting a U.S. citizenship and it was a real privilege 
to be an American now I have the right toreceive assistance from 
U.S. Embassies and Consulates. As a U.S. citizens I have the right to live 
or take long trips outside of the US, without worrying about compromising
my visa or green Card, and I have an unquestioned right to return to the 
United States, since citizens cannot be denied entry. I am like the Apostle Paul
who was kinda proud of his Roman citizenship. :) I count my visa, Passport, 
you as some of uncountable favors \from God since I became a believer, and I 
must confess that I do not deserve any of them blessings and favors. I cherish
my friendship with you, and I hope you enjoy the picture :) We should 
always remember to recount theblessings and favors God has bestowed upon us. 

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