Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Days Out the WAZOO!

Okay, I fully realize that I chose to live above the Mason-Dixon line and I've created my own drama here.  I've dug my own snowy hole and I should just shut up and take it.  But DANG IT!!!  I am COLD! 

I grew up here and lived in the South for 7 years.  I confess that my blood thinned a little as I realized that no one HAS to live in this stuff.  I tell ya though, it was never THIS bad when I was a kid.  We have DOUBLED our snow averages for the season and it's not over YET!!! (Notice all the fully capitalized words in this entry?)

I'm longing for a beach but everywhere I look it's cold.  My in-laws are freezing their patooties off in Texas...South Texas at that.  It's cold everywhere. 

I fully blame Al Gore for this one.

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  1. George Clooney might have had something to do w/ it....