Monday, February 1, 2010

Most Recent FB Status Update

"Why won't they just put themselves to bed?" what age is this not the most dreaded task on the planet?  I remember being in middle school or early high school and watching my parents drag themselves upstairs to bed while I was still on the phone or watching tv.  Usually I had books in front of me to appear studious but it was just a facade of course. 

Had my parents just given up at that point?  Was it the years upon years, night after night dread of such a daunting task that they finally just gave up? 

And how early can I give up?  Just wondering.


  1. 12 years of age, maybe sooner, I have quit trying with my oldest. Done. Thank you very much, though it helps that he doesn't have to be at school until nearly ten.

  2. My SIL has a 9 year old, 7 year old and just yesterday 2 year old...she doesn't put anyone to bed, makes the 9 year old put the 2 year old to bed and refuses to tuck them in. As much as I hate the bed time issues and fights, I know I'm going to miss it when they tell me they don't need me to put them to bed.

  3. Mine get themselves ready, but we still read and pray with them each night. If one of us forgets a child, they get sad. It's part of the routine and it's sweet. Once you aren't supervising every toothbrushing, potty time etc it won't feel so daunting!