Monday, August 10, 2009

When it Rains it Pours

I didn't have a blog topic all last week...well, not anything I could post anyway. Today it's raining with blog gold. Okay, so not gold. Maybe aluminum foil? It's useful for something right?

You GOTTA read this. This is from a Christian friend who lived in the US for 10 years before moving back to his homeland in the Sudan. He is very Western as a result of his 10 years here. This is is most recent email:

Thank God that you are living in individualistic culture, I am living in a
collective culture and I feel like every time I turn around my family or my
friends are going on and on and on about how they want to meet the right girl
for me, and assist me to settle down and have a family. My mother told me that
she wants to be young enough to hold her grandkids.

Let me give you two recent attempts of how my family tried to arranged a
marriage for me and how God intervened in a very amazing way.

Two months ago, they asked a girl from our tribe who has a college degree in
Public Health and her name is Isra and she is 23. Two days after the wedding was
planned my aunt died suddently of a heart attack, in our family tradition we
have to mourn her for 40 days before we can have any wedding, and by the time
the 40 days were up my cousin Isra was drafted in the militrary to do her
selective service for two years, so that plan plan fell apart.

And last week, my uncle talked to his cousin and asked him to give his daughter
Dalal who is only 16 years old to marry me. Everybody said yes including the
girl, and they set August 19th to be the wedding day, but today the girl's great
aunt demanded a higher dowry of 20 camels (becasue the girl is tall and young),
like $10,000. Of course neither me or anyone in my family has that money to
spend on the girl's dowry.

As my folks plan, all I do with my friends is just praying and asking God to
intervene and God always take my prayer seriously.

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