Tuesday, August 25, 2009


UPDATE: For school pictures we chose Outfits # 2 and 2. BWT wore something different for the first day of school but GWT work outfit #1 for the first day. That's over with...thankfully! I can't take all that stress! Oh, but we have a class picture coming up next week. When does it end?

I need 2 outfits! Well, 2 outfits X 2. So that's 4 right?

Not only do I have the pressure of the perfect outfit for the first day of school but we have picture day tomorrow...one day BEFORE school starts! Oh, the pressure. I just can't take it.

You are going to have to help me. Here are the 2 outfits I have picked out. Well, really the twins picked them out. Help me decide which one should be pictures and which should be first day of school.

And yes, I realize by next week I'll be happy next week if they remembered their shoes but there is something about the first day of school and picture day. It's remembered forever and should be perfect. Until they dribble the pancake syrup all over the shirt. Just waiting for that!
(Oh yea, and sorry about the sideways thing. Despite my best efforts, the gremlins have taken over the computer. I can't turn 2 of these around. No rhyme or reason).

Girl Wondertwin

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Boy Wondertwin

Outfit #1

Outfit #2


  1. I vote for outfit #2 for girl wondertwin - going on the thought that it's only a photo from the waist up and number two has some nice detailing at the top. Otherwise, if it's a whole body shot, either would be good.

    I vote for outfit #1 for boy wondertwin. The other one (#2) draws your eyes to it and you want the eyes drawing to his face instead.

    In my humble opinion! Good luck!

  2. I like 1 and 1 for pictures. I always try to make sure my kiddos match on picture day so that when I hang the pictures up they coordinate. They are all super cute though and I really dig the preppy kind of look on boys with the polo shirts. :)

  3. Ditto on the preppy look. I'm all about that too. Child/teenager of the 80's! =)