Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thumb Detox

My female wondertwin is making me crazy with her thumb. She is 5.5 years old and her thumb is in her mouth CONSTANTLY. When she was 4 months old she found her thumb (and boy wondertwin found his middle and ring finger the same day) which meant they were sleeping in 12 hours a night from 4 months on. That brings any new mom immense joy. I was the envy of infant moms everywhere. When my friends were struggling with the paci, I was sitting pretty. No pacifier to burn and no fights to duke out.

I'm paying the piper now, my friends. In less than 3 short weeks my wondertwins will be heading out to the wild blue yonder, otherwise known as Kindergarten. All the wisdom out there suggests that Kindergarten will be the thing that finally puts an end to the thumb sucking. I'm not putting all my hopes in Kindergarten. All those wise people have not met my stubborn daughter.

This morning I started my first round of defensive action. I whipped out the glue stick (non toxic of course). Currently she is laying on the floor outside the bathroom door whining, "I can't take it any more". In a minute I fully expect her to get the shakes and sweat like a banschee. Time for rehab.

I have no hope in my intervention but hopefully it's a message to Girl Wondertwin that it's time to stop. I'll keep you posted. I may need a rehab when this is all over. Any tips appreciated.


  1. I have heard stories of getting something bitter and rubbing it on her thumb makes her want to stop sucking it. Something like hot-peppers, or chili power or something. Not too much or course, just enough so that she gets the message that thumb-sucking is bad.

  2. All things we've tried that we were assured would work, but havent....

    nail polish
    dipping thumb in vinegar
    ace bandage around the elbow (our dentist recommended this, so they can't bend their arm and get their thumb in their mouth...she did it anyway)
    ace bandage around the hand

    Feel free to try them anyway. The good thing is Allison only does it when she's sleeping, or falling asleep, so as long as its confined to the bed, I've given up on the battle.