Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lake Erie

If you live anywhere near the Great Lakes and haven't been there yet this summer, get there ASAP. I took my MIL to Put In Bay (an island on Lake Erie) today and we had a blast. I hadn't been to PIB in 20 plus years. I had no idea how much fun we'd have.

We took a "speed boat" to the island and the kids LOVED that part. Then we rented a golf cart to scoot around. How could you beat that in a kid mind. They thought it was better than an amusement park. And I thought so too btw!

Hubby and I have realized that amusement parks aren't what they used to be. We were the couple who rode every coaster in the park...we weren't that couple who walked around with each other's hands in the other's back pocket though!

Now we go to an amusment park and spend the whole day in kiddie land. Someday we'll be able to ride those coasters with the kids right? Hopefully we're not to old for that by then!

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