Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Beer with Barack

I thought we'd just stop by the White House and have a beer in the Rose Garden. Turns out you actually have to get tickets 6 months in advance just to see the great mansion...or resist arrest. Should have thought of that one.

Hubby and I had the privilege of taking one child to DC with us on the way to the beach. We stayed in the suburb of Reston and intended to take the train in. Turns out we spent the whole evening in Reston because it was rockin'! There was a very quaint town square...maybe quaint isn't the word. More like a 2009 version of a town center with bars, restaurants etc. The outdoor concert was well attended and Little Dude danced in the streets.

The next morning we drove into DC but had to jump on a train because we'd already promised Little Dude. We saw the Capital and the Air/Space Museum. I'm going back to DC asap. I love that place.

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