Friday, August 14, 2009

A Recipe for Induced Sleep: No Drugs Needed

I have the secret. My kids slept past 10AM today. No drugs involved.
Yesterday, we spent 1.5 hours at the health club where they played like banschees.
We returned home to eat quickly and then we ran off to a spray park for 5 PLUS HOURS!
The weather was in the mid 80's and tons of sun. (Key ingredient: Sun)
Realizing that it was 6:15PM and we were still at the spray park, I packed the kids up, flew home, shoved tacos (meat already cooked and waiting to be heated) down their throats and off we went to yet another spray park.

We played from 7-9PM, returning home around 9:30ish and in bed by 10:00, asleep before 10:30PM. And they seriously slept past 10AM...all 3 of them.
Oh what a joyous morning it was.

Recipe: Excessive Sleep, No drugs needed.

3 kids, lots of climbing structures, computers, art projects and genuine fun.
3 square meals
8 hours of constant play, 5 of them in the beating, scorching sun
Plenty of Sunblock
1 parent willing to live the longest day in history

=A free morning for the parent who lived the longest day in history...except I slept til 9:30AM! I haven't done that in AGES!!!

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