Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Almost Sock Season

As I was digging the last few garments out of the dryer, I found a stray sock. I detest socks. They really are the bane of my existence when it comes to laundry. Of course there are never matches and all 3 kids socks are so similiar in size. I buy Hanes because the toes are colored differently. This helps but sometimes I forget whose sock is whose.

Anyway, it's almost sock season. After a 3-4 month break from socks, they are slowly making their way back into the rotation. Do you know how hard it is to get my 3 year old to wear matching shoes (and put them on the right feet?) Now we will be battling socks as well. Save me please!

I don't know if I could survive those Texas summers that I used to endure but the bright side is that my kids would be wearing Crocs most of the school year...no socks.
Is that worth a 100plus degree Summer???

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  1. I HATE sock laundry. Around my house, it is exactly that. I refuse to wash socks with any other articles of clothing, because it seems to increase the chances that they will escape and never be seen again. I also have a whole bin of socks missing their mates. Sometimes I even sort the socks that are in the bin and get lucky. I have been known to throw away all the socks I can find and buy new ones in the optimistic hope of 'doing better' this time. IT. NEVER. ENDS. WELL. One week of dirty socks here equals 112 ways to have a nervous breakdown.